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Domain Registrations.
Before you can put you website on the web it needs to have an address - the domain name. We can handle the registration of this name with all the relevant authorities. An example of the domain name would be with a suffix. We can also register all UK domains as well as many international ones, call us to find out more.

Use the script below to check if the domain that you want is still available. The cost of registering a domain is 45 for the first two years. This price includes all Internic and Nominet fees, e-mail forwarding and URL forwarding to a stactic IP address. Discounts for resellers and bulk buyers ring for details.

Domain Name


Dial-up Access.
We provide full a dial-up service for unlimited internet access, we can give connections for anything from a 9600 mobile phone connection to an ISDN2 connection. Prices are free for a connection up to 56Kbps in speed and 10 per month for ISDN connections.

Site hosting.
Once you have an address for your site you need to put your pages somewhere, why not one of our servers ?. With our wide bandwidth we can accommodate anything from a single page up to a large 1000 paged on line catalogue.

Our servers are connected to the web 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, so you can be sure that none of your visitors will be turned away.

E-mail services.
With e-mail becoming more popular it is now an essential method of communication, especially for international trade. With our corporate e-mail package each member of staff or department in your company can have their own e-mail address, for example your sales department could have the address and and employee called John Smith could have the address

Website design and manufacture.
We can design and build a site for you no matter what your application, whether its just a single page giving visitors contact information, or a large site with online sales, dynamic displays and user interfaces, we can build it. Give us a call to discuss your needs further.